Hi, so what I'd like to do is set up a network at home with my Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu laptop, and my fiancee's Mac. I'd like to be able to set up file sharing at least between the two Ubuntu machines and also the Mac if possible. I'd also like to quickly be able to connect from one machine to the other without knowing the IP address. I'd also like to allow my printer to be used by any of the 3 machines that I have.

I realize that the above takes quite a bit of explanation and I can find good tutorials on probably most of these things on this forum. But I was hoping that you all could point me in the right direction (at least give me the right terms to search for ). I simply set up a NFS system for the file sharing right? What do I need to do to my router to enable quick connections from one computer to the other? Any good tutorials that you know of for setting up the printer capabilities?

Thanks in advance for the help.