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Thread: Vodafone 3G Wireless

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    Vodafone 3G Wireless


    I am using a Vodafone UK 3G card with Ubuntu 8.04. I am using the standard modem driver that comes with the kernel and KPPP to connect to the internet.

    For some reason after a while the whole laptop freezes and I have to reset the laptop. I reckon the 3G card is the suspect or maybe the GSM driver included in the kernel.

    Another thing that was quite weird is when I try to use traceroute it displays the following:

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    send: No buffer space available

    Could this mean that the buffer space is getting filled up and totally freezing the laptop?

    Is there a way to increase the buffer space and see if that stops it from freezing.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


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