I've been trying to get SketchUp to work on Ubuntu 8.04.

I read that some people had got it to work via Wine. All though it appear to be on older version of Ubuntu.

At first I installed Wine via the Synaptic Manager. Then I installed SketchUp 6.

SketchUp would not start as I would get an OpenGL error.

I then found that the error I got was addressed in Wine 1.0RC2, so I installed the latest Wine RC. (RC3)

SketchUp would then start, but when I clicked continue on the window asking what units to use it crashed. I tweaked the registry to bypass the window.

SU now starts, but the drawing area is black and behind the cursor there's a large white rectangle.

I got the proprietary ATI drivers with a ATI Radeon 9800 card.
I also have Desktop Effects enabled. I disabled them but it made no difference.

I've been searching the net but find very little info in regards to SketchUp on 8.04. The few reports that claims it works appear to be nVidia cards. Could that be a factor, or is it just a coincidence?