I want to record my sound card's output for obvious reasons. I looked at 'alsamixer' in the terminal and it seemed that the audio output went through "Front." So I went into Audacity and set the recording setting to "ALSA: Front." It altered my audio settings that I have setup because one of my earbuds is a lot quieter than the other. Other than that, hitting record did nothing. I noticed the tab with the settings like "Capture:0", "Capture:1", "Digital:0."

Is there a better program that I could use or something else that I need to set? Someone told me about Jack Audio, but I have had a hard time finding proper documentation and it might be more complicated than it needs to be.

I could give more details about my sound hardward but it is just integrated audio for an Inspiron 1520, as far as I know. I had to use 'backports' to get my sound to work on Ubuntu 7.10 which is what I am using.