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Thread: The only thing that sucks about Ubuntu Hardy! Need help with connection sharing

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    Re: The only thing that sucks about Ubuntu Hardy! Need help with connection sharing

    I think the matter is complicated by the fact that networkmanager (the automatic network connection manager that does a great job) can only allow one network adapter to be up at a time.

    For what its intended (find a network adapter with a connection and bring it up, switch to a faster adapter if one comes available, or fall to a slower adapter if the faster connection fails, e.g. switching between wired/wifi) networkmanager is great for the many with simple connectivity needs.

    For what its worth - NWAM (network auto magic) in various shades of solaris works much the same. Like networkmanager its still not full featured yet.

    If you want to share network connection then by definition you need at least 2 network adapters up at the same time. So step 1 is taking control of those adapters away from network manager and manually configuring. (As soon as you manually configure a network adapter you take it out of networkmanager's control).

    Perhaps some day in the future networkmanager (or its replacement) will be able to handle having more than one network adapter up at one time and permit connection sharing etc.

    It is 2008 and even now you can use gui to manually configure network adapters (click nm-applet on upper panel, click "manual configuration"), install firestarter (synaptic), and configure connection sharing (firestarter).
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