Does anybody know how to get Cinelerra or Kino or anything working properly for making youtube videos? I'm trying to import some quicktime format vids. Kino converts them to DV format which speeds them up and removes the sound. I can sort of get things working in Cinelerra (which only wants to let me to export with audio and video combined in qt format) but when I export the sound is bad, the colours are inverted, and the video is choppy. I saw I was missing some quicktime libraries but that didn't seem to help when I installed them and tried again. I tried to install kdenlive but it says it can't find drkonqi, which i can't seem to find anywhere either, so I am currently installing the kde desktop. I don't know if that helps.
Also I tried to install avidemux, but ./configure can't be found. I tried LiVES, but I couldn't make heads or tails out of that.

Please excuse the run on sentence, this is mostly copied and pasted from an irc chat.