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Thread: Ubuntu keyboard problem

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    Ubuntu keyboard problem

    I crashed my computer yesterday, so I downloaded Ubuntu and am trying to install it. I have the install cd all ready and it comes up to the first screen on install that has the option to install Ubuntu, but when I hit enter, it does nothing. The only choice out of the five that the enter works s boot from first hard disk. That is useless to me since my computer is crashed and all. Please help.

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    Re: Ubuntu keyboard problem

    Did you check the md5sum on the .iso file, then burn at a slow speed like 4x to help prevent write errors?
    HowTo md5sum
    Hashes to check against
    If that fails to fix your problem, you may want to try the alternate install cd which is available at by checking the box at the bottom for the alternate install disc. This uses a text based installer which tends to fix a lot of installation issues. Don't worry, it's intuitive and easy to use.

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    Re: Ubuntu keyboard problem

    Same issue on a Dell Optiplex GX620 with factory (wired) keyboard. Stuck on language selection in both server and desktop install CDs. Have you found a way forward?


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