a newby question

my operating system is ubuntu hardy heron 8.04

i have no sound with flash

(sound with videos and cds is fine, but i have no sound on youtube or google video)

gnash has been installed and removed because there was no sound in hardy heron

adobe flash player has been installed, removed and re-installed but i have no sound in hardy heron

(adobe flash 9 plays with sound in debian and linux mint, similar operating systems, but not in ubuntu, so this is an ubuntu-specific problem, not a flash problem and not a linux problem. i dual boot ubuntu and debian on this computer, and debian has sound with flash)

when i test sound in System/Preferences/Sound/Devices ALSA does not beep on testing, so my current settings for Playback etc use ES1371 DAC1 (sound card ES1371 DAC2/ADC also beeps when tested)

so how to get sound with flash on ubuntu?

can it be configured in a terminal?

or is a specific update for this bug to be downloaded?

all answers in clear english appreciated.



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