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Thread: [SOLVED] gnome desktop over rides fluxbox

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    [SOLVED] gnome desktop over rides fluxbox

    I've decided, just for kicks, to install fluxbox to play with. I'm running it on an old lappy of mine and it runs great, so I figured why not see what I can do on my main computer.

    the problem is, after about a minute of fluxbox running fine, my gnome background and desktop icons appear, but with the fluxbox menu bar at the bottom.

    i can no longer right click for the fluxbox menu, i just get gnomes right click menu of create a folder, create launcher, etc...

    what's the deal? and how do i fix it?


    EDIT - i was running nautilus at startup which in turn was starting part of the gnome desktop for some reason. o_O
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    Re: [SOLVED] gnome desktop over rides fluxbox

    When you use nautilus in fluxbox, run it with the --no-desktop option so that it won't take over your desktop.

    nautilus --no-desktop


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