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Thread: Beginning SSH on Ubuntu

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    Beginning SSH on Ubuntu

    Hi all, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post this here, or if it's considered a shameless plug, but I've recently cobbled together an OpenSSH tutorial for Ubuntu users. Learning SSH basics myself took me across countless websites and forums, so I thought I'd do my best to put it all together in one place.

    The tutorial covers the basics of SSH’s most useful features:

    • Logging into a remote computer over a secure connection.
    • Transferring files and directories between computers over a secure connection.
    • Enabling public-key authentication.
    • Passwordless authentication for use with scripts and cron jobs.

    Check it out, and by all means, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Thanks.
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    Re: Beginning SSH on Ubuntu

    While a post like yours can be spam.....I personally don't see yours as spam at all. Looks legit to me.

    I'm an ssh noob....I worked a little with ssh a year ago or so and have forgotten most of I'm going to check out your tutorial.

    Thanks in advanced for the work you've done!


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