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Thread: VLC command question

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    VLC command question

    Hi, after upgrading to Hardy, the playback of DVDs no longer worked in VLC. I would get bright green/purple blocks everywhere and there would be lots of skipping. I solved this by changing the %u argument to %m in VLC's launcher, but I can't find out what the meaning of either argument is anywhere, does anyone know where to find the information or know why changing that argument helped? I like to know what I'm changing and why these things work, thanks

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    Re: VLC command question

    here you can read about .desktops which the launch comm. is related to.
    %m has been deprecated for some time, here's description
    I found the %U worked but that disc navigation was flaky or broken, using
    %m (either from launch comm. or in the 2 vlc.desktop) navigation is perfect. Why I'm not sure, you can infer some things from reading the specs, though alot goes well over my head.


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