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Thread: MPlayer ridiculously slow after upgrade

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    MPlayer ridiculously slow after upgrade

    Hi all!

    I just upgraded my system from Gutsy to Hardy and for some reason MPlayer started to play things very slow. Its literally a slide-show now so I have to relog to Windows to watch anything. In Gutsy I used to use gl2 for playing. My first guess was that 3D direct rendering was off, so I went to check that but it seems to be on:

    sneg@snegolinux:~$ fglrxinfo
    display: :0.0  screen: 0
    OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
    OpenGL renderer string: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600
    OpenGL version string: 2.1.7412 Release
    sneg@snegolinux:~$ glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"
    direct rendering: Yes
    So I am a bit clueless now.

    Did anyone have a similar issue / can give me advice on what can done?

    I am not very good at this, so if you need more info just tell me where to go and I will do what I can.


    Now that I ve checked it seems that MPlayer isn't the only thing, which is running slow. Amarok is taking 70-80% of my cpu at all times and everything else slows down significantly when its running... I tried MPlayer when Amarok closed but... That obviously didn't help. Perhaps its the power management? I have no idea. Help me, good people...

    Thank you all in advance,
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