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I installed U-7.10 and everything worked fine (except DVD's). Then I upgraded to U-8.04 via your site... and that was fatal: . No sound, no possibility to reinstall it... Please help is needed ASAP.

In detail, the FIRST problem is, as with many other users, sound is gone. Ubuntu tells me -sometimes- that I have no sound device, but it works fine in Windows XP (I have a dual HD to boot several OS's); other times the system only ignores that I am trying to hear something... anything. I have read about this problem (the sound problem), but there are too many things to prove, install or alike. And here is the SECOND problem: I tryed to re-install Ubuntu (this time with a CD) but after language selection, the monitor scrambles and it is not possible to do nothing. Is there a true and easy solution?. And How many time must I spend searching for a solution?. I'm really with this!!!!.