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Thread: Downgrade to 7.04?

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    Downgrade to 7.04?

    I was using 7.10 before. Everything was fine, except that the welknown conflict between ATI graphic cards' restricted driver, hibernation + suspension and compiz. (For those who don't know of this issue: the restricted driver shipped with Ubuntu breaks hibernation and suspension; the new version released by ATI from there website doesn't, but compiz still doesn't want to work with it, eventhough some 3D games work).

    Then I install 8.04 fresh. The above conflict is still there. But the situation has become worse: some packages that I heavily use don't work anymore. One example is that the x-unikey package, which is a Vietnamese keyboard, doesn't work in Open Office. This may not be Ubuntu's fault - there may be a conflict between the packages and the new kernel used in 8.04 or Open Office 2.4.

    After googling for a day, I think my online choice is either to downgrade some of my packages or the whole system. I have some questions before doing so:

    1. Is there an easy way to downgrade from OO 2.4 to OO 2.3 on Hardy Heron?
    2. Is Ubuntu 7.04 still supported? (the reason I want to use 7.04 is that it is reported that ATI's restricted driver works nicely with compiz and hibernation there).


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    Re: Downgrade to 7.04?

    Feisty is supported till October this year.
    For downgrading open office maybe you could look at something like this:
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