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Thread: How do I get to my lan server from the web side of the router?

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    How do I get to my lan server from the web side of the router?

    Here is where I am at present. My lan consists or 2 wireless laptops and one desktop, all running windows and a older machine with Ubuntu server running. I have several instances of web pages running on the server in separate directories. I have assigned a static to the server. The router is a linksys WRT54GS. I can get to any of the web pages from any of my computers on my lan using the I want to connect to the server from the 'net'. I have a DynDNS which keeps track of my URL and I have set up port forwarding (3333 to 3333) on the router to point to to the server ( However I can not get to the account using the DynDNS URL.
    What do I have to setup on the server so the server can respond to an external ping or request for a web page?
    I have read everything I could find and several times have screwed up the server trying some things to a point of having to rebuild the server twice. It was a fun experience but didn't solve my problem. Maybe it is age, I am 74 and probably too old to play with ubuntu but it is fun and frustrating at the same time. Any assistance (not too cryptic) would be appreciated.

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    Re: How do I get to my lan server from the web side of the router?


    You need to forward port 80 top route all incoming TCP requests on that port to the LAN ip address of the server.

    Heres a guide on how to do that for your router:

    Get that done first and if you have any more questions just PM me.




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