I'm aware that there have been several threads on the matter, but none seem to have a definite solution to my exact issue.

The ndiswrapper win98 driver for RTL8187 used to work just fine on Gutsy, but now that I've upgraded to Hardy, it's been a bumpy ride. I've tried several different methods of installing ndiswrapper drivers and blacklisting the native open-source driver, but none appear to work.

Whether I use network-manager (which apparently doesn't want to work anymore), wicd or neither with the native driver, my wireless connection eventually drops, forcing me to reboot or run a script to restart it.

I've also unsuccessfully attempted to use the modified and patched drivers from here.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could recommend me a way to simply get a permanent, stable connection to my WEP-encrypted router using the RTL8187 chipset. Thanks.