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Thread: DVD Playback issue but only a specific drive

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    DVD Playback issue but only a specific drive

    I just installed a LG Drive (BDDVDRW GGC-H20L), it's a blu-Ray/HD-DVD/DVD-R/W drive with Light Scribe. It is connected to a SATA 2-port pci card I had to add, due to my on-board SATA being full (it is the only SATA CD device I have, all the other CD drives are IDE). Everything seems to get detected just fine.

                    description: RAID bus controller
                    product: SiI 3512 [SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller
                    vendor: Silicon Image, Inc.
                    physical id: 1
                    bus info: pci@0000:01:01.0
                    logical name: scsi2
                    version: 01
                    width: 32 bits
                    clock: 66MHz
                    capabilities: storage pm bus_master cap_list emulated
                    configuration: driver=sata_sil latency=64 module=sata_sil
                       description: DVD-RAM writer
                       product: BDDVDRW GGC-H20L
                       vendor: HL-DT-ST
                       physical id: 0.0.0
                       bus info: scsi@2:0.0.0
                       logical name: /dev/cdrom2
                       logical name: /dev/dvd2
                       logical name: /dev/scd0
                       logical name: /dev/sr0
                       logical name: /media/cdrom0
                       version: 1.02
                       capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r dvd-ram
                       configuration: ansiversion=5 mount.fstype=udf mount.options=ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime state=mounted status=ready
                          physical id: 0
                          logical name: /dev/cdrom2
                          logical name: /media/cdrom0
                          configuration: mount.fstype=udf mount.options=ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime state=mounted
    Yet for some reason it's picky about what it does. I can read DVD-R/CD/DVD-R/W, but if I try to play a movie in it, I either get a totem lockup, or junky vid in mplayer with no audio (looks like scrolling lego, no decipherable images of any kind). I can browse the contents of the dvd, but it won't even generate thumbnails when viewing .vob files in a directory.

    At first I thought it might be a region code setting, but running:

     regionset /dev/dvd2 
    regionset version 0.1 -- reads/sets region code on DVD drives
    Current Region Code settings:
    RPC Phase: II
    type: SET
    vendor resets available: 4
    user controlled changes resets available: 4
    drive plays discs from region(s): 1, mask=0xFE
    Tells, me that is fine because Region 1 is what I want. It would seem the only thing left would have to be DeCSS related. I have reinstalled libdvdcss2 but to no avail. I can play DVDs just fine in my other DVD drive (IDE). Any help would be great.


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    Re: DVD Playback issue but only a specific drive

    I have a sony blu-ray IDE drive, but it demonstrates the same problem. It took me a while to diagnose it to the drive vs software problems. Swapping it with a DVD-ROM fixed all my problems.

    Also, the blu-ray will not load up either the live or alternate 8.04 disks in my experience. Had to install with the DVD-ROM.

    I have no answers yet. If you figure something out let me know.


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