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Thread: DHCP to Manual to DHCP silly question

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    DHCP to Manual to DHCP silly question

    I am sure that this is a silly question but I'll be buggered if I can figure out why this is happening. Here at my work, we have multiple ways to get to the Internet:

    1) is our standard way - all set up with DHCP
    2) is a fail-safe way (in case the first fails) we can re-route throught the private network and piggy back on one of our sister companies
    3) is a second fail-safe through a second ISP (much smaller and normally only used in extream cases)

    Any way - in the past, if my main (DHCP setup connection) breaks for what ever reason [typically a fiber cut], I use to just manualy configure things to point to the correct gateway & DNS settings of one of the alternates and had smooth sailing. Ever since the IP6 and the Roaming Mode stuff that has been added to the GUI - my ship has been experiencing troubled waters to say the least. When I turn off roaming and try to set a Static IP address, the network just breaks and I cannot ping anything on my subnet.

    I have noticed that when I ifconfig things after I manually make the change, there is an inet6 addr: field, but no inet addr: as is normally present while I am in roaming mode via DHCP.

    If anyone can let me know why this is breaking, or better a way for me to be able to manually switch through these connections I would be forever in your debt.

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    Re: DHCP to Manual to DHCP silly question

    could you post your ifconfig output.. to setup DNS permanently read this


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