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Thread: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    In spite of all the posts about Unetbootin (I'm a newb to Linux but I know a nice piece of work when I see it, well done), I'm still having some difficulty. I used a cruzer 2G used the box to get Linux Mint but I can't get my machine (2005 model) to boot to the usb. I can pull up the drive letter, see all the files and ISO but how do I get it to work as an OS? I have 9.04 running on my laptop just fine from a live cd. Net BIOS won't give me the option to boot to USB. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on how to proceed from this point and get a persistent drive. Thanks in advance.
    doctorphibes ?
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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    Add support for fedora 12 please!

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    Hi to the creator of UNetbootin. Could you please state on the webpage for unetbootin download that it can only be used for machines post 2002 - and this will save people like me a lot of unnecessary time trying to achieve the impossible. Do you know of a reasonably simple alternative to unetbootin that can install Xubuntu 9.10 on a year model 1999 NEC Versa Lite FX laptop? Would appreciate any links you could suggest.
    Thanks - Terry

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    note to devs, please read the following (short) thread:
    Trial and error are your best teachers.

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    I am looking to do just the opposite as this. I run Ubuntu 9.10 as my only OS. I need to setup a bunch of netbooks with XP Pro SP3. I have a legitimate install CD and real license codes. I just can't successfully turn my cd into a bootable usb.
    I did the following in ubuntu:
    1. right clicked on the cd and did copy. Chose .iso as the format
      I installed unetbootin from the ppa on launchpad in Ubuntu.
      I formatted my USB stick (tried fat 32 and fat 16)
      I ran unetbootin and chose the .iso from the windows install cd
      I boot from the stick and it comes up with a prompt that says boot:

    What do I put here? Nothing seems to work. I have tried the tab and don't know enough to edit it.

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    Angry Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    I am sorry I am not interested in Linux anyhow and I do not really have direct question to this topic. This is the first topic I found a link to in some "how to do" guide in UNetbootin.

    My whole computer crashed. Actually my dad manage to do so somehow. I got an information that he was "moving something from cd to usb" (the day before and when he woke up next morning the computer did not want to start) and after few more questions i got the answer it was something with lunix. I had to reinstal my system (windows XP - yes I know you probably dont like them) and many of the data on disc were damaged or lost. From what I know it seems like something happened to fat. The disc itself wasnt anyhow damaged but most of the data are lost.
    I was searching trought the rest that left undamaged and I found an download folder which contains few reparation programs and drives from today and an unebootin-windows-356.exe file. From the date it is it must be the thing my dad was using. From what i can understand this program is ment to do an bootable linux copy from cd image on USB flash disk. My dad said he was doing just some simple operation "just a copy" and its not his fault at all. I am not here to blame him but I would like to ask you what is this program for, how does it work and is it to say it - well is it some soft running program or is it like some program that may or could anyhow cause a system damage. Is it even possible it can cause an system/dics damage if used wrong ?
    I hope you will understand my problem (I gey you for it) and possibly help me a bit at least to understand what happened. Thank you all in advance


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    Some progress, but still doesn't work

    I've been trying to create a USB boot device for Ubuntu 9.10. My first attempts used a 1gb USB pen drive and failed with various errors.
    I then discover3ed unetbootin, this also failed. In desperation I used a 4gb sdhc card, with card reader and I've made some progress:
    The laptop boots from the card and displays Unetbootin screen with 3 options.
    I did nothing, which let it use the 'default'
    Display showed loading ubnkern... loading ubninit... ...ready.
    Should I wait, if so how long? Should I press a key? If so which key?
    Pressing return displays a blank screen, however I can type on it. Should I type something, if so what?
    What else can I do?
    BTW I'm trying to install on a Toshiba Satellite A30, with a busted CD-ROM drive.

    I tried selecting help from the UNetbootin menu, that gave a different result:
    the ubnkern and ubninit messages were followed by lots of displays, which end with:
    [ 2.792664] EDD information not avaiable
    [ 2.8193971] input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input4
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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    I too am having the same issue as you. I get the same result on the screen and have no idea what I should do. I am trying to install without a cd/dvd drive installed in the desktop. If anyone has any info about this please respond. Thanks

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    Real excitement on discovering this turns to real disappointment. Using the 'Distribution' option, everything seems to work perfectly, at least with the 3 mini-downloads; 'FreeDOS', 'Super Boot Manager' & 'Damn Small Linux', that I tried. The 'Diskimage' option on the other-hand, seems to be completely useless - 3 ISO's that run perfectly from virtual drives fail to boot completely. Even the Ubuntu 9.10 ISO I downloaded fails...

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