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Thread: Confused on kernel updates

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    Question Confused on kernel updates

    Hello all....

    My problem is that I have compiled my sound card driver (SB X-FI) against a particular kernel <I can't immediately remember which one), downloaded the source etc, when a new kernel update is issued from automatic updates do I have to recompile against the new kernel to keep using my sound card?, and keep doing so as new kernel updates are released? I realize if I press the esc key I can choose from previous kernel installations, but that means I am forced to use an out of date kernel, with the obvious and attendant bug and security issues.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Confused on kernel updates

    Yes. Any "driver" (kernel module) will be kernel specific and so you'll have to rebuild it whenever a largish kernel change comes out (specifically, when the -XX number changes). I don't think this usually happens very often though.
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