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Thread: Mplayer keyboard shortcuts

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    Mplayer keyboard shortcuts

    MPlayer is a multimedia player that has a lot of options, but not all are available through the GUI.

    Anyway, here is a list of available shortcuts that will make you able to change subtitles, audio track, sync audio and much more.

    To get a list of these shortcuts, it is also possible to type man mplayer in the terminal to get the manual in text mode:

    keyboard control
    <- and ->
    Seek backward/forward 10 seconds.
    up and down
    Seek forward/backward 1 minute.
    pgup and pgdown
    Seek forward/backward 10 minutes.
    [ and ]
    Decrease/increase current playback speed by 10%.
    { and }
    Halve/double current playback speed.
    Reset playback speed to normal.
    < and >
    Go backward/forward in the playlist.
    Go forward in the playlist, even over the end.
    HOME and END
    next/previous playtree entry in the parent list
    INS and DEL (ASX playlist only)
    next/previous alternative source.
    p / SPACE
    Pause (pressing again unpauses).
    Step forward. Pressing once will pause movie, every con‐
    secutive press will play one frame and then go into pause
    mode again (any other key unpauses).
    q / ESC
    Stop playing and quit.
    + and -
    Adjust audio delay by +/- 0.1 seconds.
    / and *
    Decrease/increase volume.
    9 and 0
    Decrease/increase volume.
    ( and )
    Adjust audio balance in favor of left/right channel.
    Mute sound.
    _ (MPEG-TS, AVI and libavformat only)
    Cycle through the available video tracks.
    # (DVD, MPEG, Matroska, AVI and libavformat only)
    Cycle through the available audio tracks.
    TAB (MPEG-TS only)
    Cycle through the available programs.
    Toggle fullscreen (also see -fs).
    Toggle stay-on-top (also see -ontop).
    w and e
    Decrease/increase pan-and-scan range.
    Toggle OSD states: none / seek / seek + timer / seek +
    timer + total time.
    Toggle frame dropping states: none / skip display / skip
    decoding (see -framedrop and -hardframedrop).
    Toggle subtitle visibility.
    Cycle through the available subtitles.
    y and g
    Step forward/backward in the subtitle list.
    Toggle displaying "forced subtitles".
    Toggle subtitle alignment: top / middle / bottom.
    x and z
    Adjust subtitle delay by +/- 0.1 seconds.
    r and t
    Move subtitles up/down.
    i (-edlout mode only)
    Set start or end of an EDL skip and write it out to the
    given file.
    s (-vf screenshot only)
    Take a screenshot.
    S (-vf screenshot only)
    Start/stop taking screenshots.
    Show filename on the OSD.
    ! and @
    Seek to the beginning of the previous/next chapter.
    D (-vo xvmc, -vf yadif, -vf kerndeint only)
    Activate/deactivate deinterlacer.

    (The following keys are valid only when using a hardware accel‐
    erated video output (xv, (x)vidix, (x)mga, etc), the software
    equalizer (-vf eq or -vf eq2) or hue filter (-vf hue).)

    1 and 2
    Adjust contrast.
    3 and 4
    Adjust brightness.
    5 and 6
    Adjust hue.
    7 and 8
    Adjust saturation.

    (The following keys are valid only when using the quartz or ma‐
    cosx video output driver.)

    command + 0
    Resize movie window to half its original size.
    command + 1
    Resize movie window to its original size.
    command + 2
    Resize movie window to double its original size.
    command + f
    Toggle fullscreen (also see -fs).
    command + [ and command + ]
    Set movie window alpha.

    (The following keys are valid only when using the sdl video out‐
    put driver.)

    Cycle through available fullscreen modes.
    Restore original mode.

    (The following keys are valid if you have a keyboard with multi‐
    media keys.)

    Stop playing and quit.
    Seek backward/forward 1 minute.

    (The following keys are only valid if GUI support is compiled in
    and will take precedence over the keys defined above.)

    Start playing.
    Stop playing.
    Load file.
    Load subtitle.
    Open skin browser.
    Open playlist.
    Open preferences.

    (The following keys are only valid if you compiled with TV or
    DVB input support and will take precedence over the keys defined

    h and k
    Select previous/next channel.
    Change norm.
    Change channel list.

    (The following keys are only valid if you compiled with dvdnav
    support: They are used to navigate the menus.)

    keypad 8
    Select button up.
    keypad 2
    Select button down.
    keypad 4
    Select button left.
    keypad 6
    Select button right.
    keypad 5
    Return to main menu.
    keypad 7
    Return to nearest menu (the order of preference is: chap‐
    keypad ENTER
    Confirm choice.

    (The following keys are only valid if teletext support is en‐
    abled during compilation: They are used for controlling TV tele‐

    X Switch teletext on/off.
    Q and W
    Go to next/prev teletext page.

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    Re: Mplayer keyboard shortcuts

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    Re: Mplayer keyboard shortcuts

    Has anyone noticed that some of these don't work?

    For example, try loading more than one subtitle files at once. I tried cycling through the available subtitles using y and g, but y delayed the subtitles for about 90 seconds instead. g lessened the delay by a second or two. b does nothing. Only j cycles through subtitles.

    Also, I tried cycling through audio tracks today. The manpage lists #, but when I pressed it, it only displayed the name of the current audio track, it didn't change it.

    Is the manpage outdated? Am I the only one having these problems? I am using Gutsy. Probably the solution to every Ubuntu newbie problem Use it. It does not disappoint.

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