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Thread: Converting .m4p to .mp3

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    Unhappy Converting .m4p to .mp3

    I've tried to convert iTunes files (m4p and m4a) to mp3 using Linux and Windows. I've had great success with m4a in Windows, but m4p, not so much. When I right click on the file and select "Properties," Ubuntu recognizes the file as MPEG-4, but both Ubuntu and Windows don't recognize it when it comes down to conversion. Is there a way that I can tell the conversion program (faad, perhaps?) that the file is MPEG-4? Thanks in advance.
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    Lightbulb Re: Converting .m4p to .mp3

    I don't know if you have many options for the m4p files. They are the Apple DRM encrypted files (usually purchased from itunes store). If you don't have many, you can burn them to CD then re-rip them, but you will lose some quality

    More discussion is at:

    Also, I haven't tried it but you might take a look at:


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    Re: Converting .m4p to .mp3

    There is an easy way to convert m4p files to mp3 using just itunes on a windows or mac computer and some blank CD's.

    First, create a new playlist. Drag the m4p music files you want to convert into this playlist, up to around 20 songs at a time. Don't try to convert more than 65 minutes of total play time per CD. Select the Burn Disc button. In the new window, select Audio CD and Include CD text, then Burn. Itunes will burn an audio CD. Next, click open the CD tray and push it closed again. A window will pop up asking you if you want to import the songs to itunes. Close the window. At the bottom right of itunes, click Import Settings. Next to Import Using select mp3 Encoder and OK. Select Import CD. A window will open and ask if you wish to overwrite the existing songs or ad the new ones. Select the one you want. The mp3 songs will be added to your itunes library, complete with the song title, artist, etc.

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