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Thread: iphone media web remote?

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    Thumbs down iphone media web remote?

    So i finally decide to install xubuntu on mu gaming rig =D
    After installing alot of eye candy, and making it so i can grab music from my vista partition, i was wondering if there are any good web remotes, so i can use my iphone to control music?
    I tried amarok web remote but thats to complicated, dont know how to set up mysql and do that stuff.
    Google wont tell me
    Neither will it tell me web remotes
    wifi sync for iphone rock

    There is like sgnal alloysoft and remotr budy but they are for mac and mac sucks

    Anyone have any ideas? Except for vnc, cus i have a huge widescreen monitor so it wouls be rediculas displauing that on a screen which is 50 times smaller.

    Oh, and speaking of mac ( of topic a little ) anyone know how to gey mac style dock bar thing for xubuntu only without thwt gnome stuff? Cus gnome poops up my install... I dont have a poop pc ( infact queit the opposite )!

    Mm thats alot to as for in one post, but thanks in advanced !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 =P
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    Re: iphone media web remote?


    Still no further.


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