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Thread: VPN setting problem?

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    Unhappy VPN setting problem?

    I recently put Xubuntu 8.0.4 into a Dell latitude c610 PIII w/Dell TrueMobile 1150 802.11b miniPCI. Fortunately it works out of box. But it does have some weird problem. Here is one.

    I tried to connect to the campus wireless network. I can get in with the normal unsecured connection with my ID/passwd. Then I tried to use the VPN for that. According to, it use PPTP. So I installed the network-manager-pptp package and set it up according to the direction. (I only set the gateway and leave everything else untouched. ) According to another page, we used the MS-CHAP v2. It seems the pptp package use this version 2 automatically. Anyway, I cannot get in with VPN. I always get the information

    "VPN Connect Failure

    Could not start the VPN connection 'test' due to a connection error.

    VPN Connection failed"

    On the other hand, I can get through with the same VPN via wired network. So I am fairly sure that VPN is set correctly.

    I tried to find some log, but I cannot find the log of NetworkManager in /var/log. Do I need to turn it on or is it somewhere else?

    Any thought on this? Thanks.

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    Re: VPN setting problem?

    Well. It seems to be the problem of Firestarter firewall. I got it through by disabling the firewall.


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