Hi all, I'm currently trying to put together a MythBuntu box, and I need a TV out option. I have the Radeon DDR64 VIVO sitting around, so I threw that in the system. Here is the problem. When it is not attached to the system, the system boots fine off the MythBuntu live CD. When the card is plugged in however, the booting never gets past the MythBuntu splash screen (with the scrolling bar), and eventually the graphics glitch, and my monitor says that it is going into sleep mode (meaning there is no more signal to the monitor).

Is the DDR64 not going to work for me?

Also, I'm wondering what the command is to make MythBuntu boot verbosely, so I can perhaps see if there is an error message before the system halts.

The system is a Celeron 1.7 with 256mb ram; if any other info is pertinent, just say so and I'll post it. Thanks!