Dear All

Please forgive my ignorance.

I have found an installer for an E220 modem on the 'net - it seems respectable enough - it has an award from a download site!

However, I don't know what the following instructions mean:
extract file
cd to the directory
make install

I have extracted the folder from the tarball and puti ti with the files in it into my Templates folder in my Home directory.

What exactly do I do now?

In the second line, do I type: cd Templates? If not, then what?

In the third line, what do I type after make?

In the fourth line, what do I type after make install?

The .sh file in the downloaded extracted folder - he220-pclos-mandriva - is called

I have installed Ubuntu 8.04 and have had no problems apart from this but I need this for my work or I will have to go back to bad old Microsoft.

Thanks in anticipation.