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Thread: slow scrolling+key bindings

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    slow scrolling+key bindings

    1. I'm trying to figure out why Firefox-3 is so slow on xubuntu-hardy. Loading is not that bad, but scrolling is incredibly slow, like the graphics driver is not installed at all. I've checked it, and it is installed, but I can't run fgl_glxgears either. It says:

    ~$ fgl_glxgears
    Using GLX_SGIX_pbuffer
    Error: couldn't get fbconfig

    I get the same slow scrolling and glitchy movie playback on and kaffeine respectively. I actually had no problem with openoffice under XP, but I just couldn't use windows anymore.

    2. The most annoying thing about this, and the only thing that I really have a problem with is the key binding for logging out. I don't know if this is something I did on accident, but when I press Shift+Backspace, it just logs me out and I loose whatever I was doing. It drives me crazy.

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    Re: slow scrolling+key bindings

    you might have selected the option "Smooth scroll" in preferences of firefox.

    That might be the reason for your slow scrolling check that.
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