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Thread: Video playback issues

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    Video playback issues ATI X3200 & 3450

    Hi All,

    I am a complete newbee @ Ubuntu, so pls bare with me. Ihave some severe difficulty in playing my videos, and I cant get my head arround it.

    I am using VLC, Totem and MPlayer. All are hanging / blurry images and audio is out of sync.

    Error messages
    MPlayer: Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device)
    VLC: none
    Totem: failed to connect stream: Invalid argument

    Already done:
    - output to x11 in both Mplayer and VLC no success.
    - disable pulse audio to salsa (in MPlayer) no success
    - played video on FireFox -> no success
    - googled for a solution -> no success
    - diabled Compiz -> no success
    - opend a beer ....helping but not regarding to video playback

    Pretty please with sugar on top, please help me out here

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Video playback issues

    - BUMP-

    I have been thinking, cause multiple players have issues, it might be due to:
    - HardWare ->onboard GPU is conflicting with add GPU card
    - OS -> Ubuntu Hardy is not correct installed
    - ATI drivers ->....

    any sugestions.....

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    Re: Video playback issues

    If you do not use Compiz, try the OpenGL video output mode for VLC.
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    Re: Video playback issues

    Im having the closest related problems to this you. I made sure all my players played video using X11 rendering. the reason why i want it to be x11 is because when i use compiz and use the cube effects or others it will draw the video perfectly. the downside is now all my videos i play look blurry. not horribly blurry. but not as clear as im used to. any ideas?
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