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Thread: Refuses to boot on my laptop

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    Refuses to boot on my laptop

    So, after trying out ubuntu on my pc... and falling absolutely in love, i decided to put it on my laptop aswell.

    It's a:
    Zepto Znote 3415w
    2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2048 Megs of Ram
    GeForce 8400Mobile

    But the problem is, when i try to boot from the cd it starts loading the linux kernel, and then it seems to freeze at 100%, it still seems to load from the cd, so i figued it would only be a matter of time, but i left it for little less than 1 hr.

    I checked the helpfile on the cd, and tried some of the additional options, nothing seemed to help.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Refuses to boot on my laptop

    Check the integrity of the cd, it is a boot option. If the test comes out negative, re-download Ubuntu, but this time through torrents (your torrent client will check the integrity automatically).

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    Re: Refuses to boot on my laptop

    I'm guessing that it doesn't like your graphics card. I didn't have any problems with mine and am not familiar enough with the problem to offer help. But I would do a search through the forums for your graphics card.


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