Hello all,

I am looking to buy a new pc to use as HTPC.
But now I am stuck in making decision which mainboard to buy.

The contestants:
* Asus P5KPL-CM - Intel P35
* Asus P5N-EM HDMI - nVidia 630i

The differences:
The EM has 1 extra slot for memory. It has IDE133 instead of 100 and it has HDMI+DVI+VGA instead of just VGA. The difference in price is 1 euro.

At first I was planning to buy the CM with an Asus EN8500GT Silent. But now when I'm searching to make a decision its harder then I thought.

The options:
* The CM with the 8500GT (because the CM doesn't have DVI or HDMI)
* The EM without the 8500GT, use onboard HDMI (because its cheaper)
* The EM with the 8500GT (because it doesn't cost you any memory.

I was planning to buy a 45nm processor: the E8200. The system will be equipped with 2x1GB PC6400 DDR2 ram memory.

When searching I came across (recent) problems with both the P35 as the 630i (and the 8500 but that doesn't bother me).

What to do what to do? What is the best way to go?
The system will be connected to a LCD TV with an HDMI cable. For sound i'm buying a Creative Audigy soundcard. The system will be running Kubuntu with LinuxMCE (or a different "HTPC" suite) and will mostly be handling x264 (mkv) video.

I hope someone can help me out here, because I really don't know what's best.

Thanks in advance!