Hello Everyone,

This is not a post about something not working, but a post about WHY something DOES work. I have a Toshiba Equium A210 laptop with both Ubuntu 8.04 and Slackware 12.1 installed. This laptop has a volume control wheel in the front. In Hardy, this wheel works to control the volume and a graphical slide bar pops up. I am trying to get this little feature to work in Slackware as well.

Usually, this kind of feature is part of the keyboard shortcut bindings, but I cannot find anywhere in Hardy which shows this, In /etc/X11/xkb/int you can usually find the keyboard shortcuts, but there is nothing about this there. I am beginning to think that this volume wheel is not related to the keyboard (could be wrong), so I am probably not going to find the answer in X11.

Can anyone tell me where to look to find out what file controls this volume control wheel? This thing worked "right out of the box" in Hardy so it was recognized in the install. If it is, in fact, keyboard related, where would I look?

Thanks in advance for any replies.