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Thread: Reinstalling essential Ubuntu packages

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    Reinstalling essential Ubuntu packages

    I'm on Hardy.

    In the process of uninstalling apache2 (used sudo apt-get purge), I somehow stumbled upon a way of uninstalling basically everything. It came up with a "use apt-get autoremove" message and then, quickly, went through a list of packages it was going to remove. They included amarok, compiz, python, eclipse just to name a small fraction. Basically a bunch of packages I wanted to keep because I use them.

    Luckily, before it was too late I managed to stop a lot of them, but a lot were still purged. Unfortunately this included whatever it is which makes me able to get on the net, and probably a few more important things. So now, I can't update from any of the repos I have installed to get back the stuff I removed by accident.

    I've inserted the Ubuntu CD, is there a particular way I can basically just reinstall everything that was installed when I first put that CD in to install Ubuntu the first time, without losing all my files and packages?

    EDIT: I've just remembered, it uninstalled "ubuntu-desktop" - now, I've tried reinstalling that, but it just says it can't find it. Surely this package is on the CD?

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