I have had many problems before with Toshibas, but this is kinda different.
I don't even know what this classifies as.
What happened is my disgruntled brother threw my poor cat on to my computer keyboard (my lap top was in the process of starting up... it had been in hibernation seconds before) which brought up "Toshiba Express Media Player" or something which sounded similiar. The logo filled up my entire screen. After hitting the usual escape keys (esc, enter, ctrl+alt+del) nothing was happening so I simply hit the power off not thinking it was a big deal. When I tried to re-turn it on, the fan and hard drive start up for a second then fall into a dull "hum" and the screen remains black. I've tried hitting practically all the keys, and there is ntohing at all wrong with the power. NO switches on the bottom were touched, the LED lights etc. respond accordingly and the power light stays green. My laptop is only a year or two old and has been in perfect condition until now.
I really hope the answer is something simple like a key combination I can press...
Any help is appreciated!!