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Thread: Vmware Problem (by running a script)

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    Question Vmware Problem (by running a script)

    Hello i just read this tutorial

    and i got this problem

    root@reyhan-desktop:/home/reyhan# ./
    -- Updating Ubuntu, continuing...
    -- Upgrading Ubuntu, continuing...
    -- Installing essential libraries for 32-bit architecture, continuing...
    -- Checking for essential GUI libraries, continuing...
    -- Essential GUI libraries already installed, continuing...
    -- VMware already present. Skipping download, continuing...
    -- Extracting VMware server, continuing...

    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    !! Could not extract VMware-server-1.0.5-80187.tar.gz. Does it exist or is it corrupt?, exiting...
    -- Removing downloaded and extracted files, continuing...
    sorry if my English bad.... I'm from Indonesia

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    Re: Vmware Problem (by running a script)

    Try removing VMware-server-1.0.5-80187.tar.gz and let the script download again. Possibly could be a corrupt download.


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