I bought a creative zen mp3 player. Because of creative's naming inconsistency that's not such an acurate information about which player I actualy bought since there's a couple of different models with the same name.
I bought precisely this one:

Now, I got very disapointed that this damn device doesn't have a normal storage unit implementation like any other mp3 player. I thought this crappy approach was a thing of the past, I was wrong.

I checked around how to solve this problem because creative's proprietary software is not available for linux. I found the solution, i thought, I should install an application called GNOMAD2.

So i did. But when I run it, it just doesn't detect my player at all. I tried clicking rescan several times without success?

doesn't gnomad support his player? If not how should put files to my player? Isn't it possible at the moment?