Hello again People! Okay so let's cut to the chase: I just finished building the quintessential Gaming/Multimedia/Everything CPU...Brand New Gigabyte Mobo w/ Intel X48-ICH9r Chipsets...DDR3 1333 mhz Ram, Intel Core2Quad Q9300 Proc, Onboard Hi-Def Audio, MSI 8400 GS Graphics Card (Just Basic Starter Card so I can get it turned on and hit the web to configure; adding 9800 series soon!) Westewrn Digital Caviar 500 GB Sata II 3.0GB/S HDD,Dual Gigabit Ethernet on a 10 mbit Broadband Connection...Get the picture? A $4 Grand CPU that I desperately want to run Ubuntu on as well as a small win XP Pro partition for gaming and coding for the windows environment although I will be doing the majority of my coding in Linux w/GCC and scripting w/Python Eyc. I need this Linux Partition Badly-I have THe Ubuntu (Latest Release) Live Cd as well as the Kubuntu-and want to know if any of you experienced users or fellow developers can forsee any problems before I try to set me Linux up mates? Also-What would be best suited for this baby hardware wise and still suited for me software wise as a CPU Information Technologies-Developer student? Thanks for any and all input! By the way You'll never believe what I bui;t this sucker for-anyone could have done it and for what would cost (I had her appraised by our local Cpu Builders) $4500-$5000 in store was nowhere near that to build!!!! Anyways-I need your help! Cheerio!