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Thread: can i run sopcast on ubuntu

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    can i run sopcast on ubuntu

    can anyone help me how to install sopcast on my machine

    i have Ubuntu 7.10 for 64 bit & core2duo processor

    i have tried numerous ways to install sopcast

    i have installed gsopcast using .386 deb package but when i start it
    neither it gives channel lists nor it responds when i enter url in it

    i installed sopcast webplayer for windows & tried it using wine but it hangs i run it.

    i tried for sopcast firefox plugin but it gives error during installation of plugin that some dll cannot b installed and error code -202

    i tried internet explorer using IEs4Linux but it also gave error during installation

    i downloaded qsopcast tarGz package & tried command line version using
    ./sp-sc-auth sop:// 3908 8908 > /dev/null &

    also tried http://localhost:8908/tv.asf in firefox & mplayer but it didn't worked either

    i tried for gui version of sopcast but when executed make command it gave op

    abc@abc-laptop:~/Desktop/qsopcast/src$ sudo make
    [sudo] password for abc:
    g++ -o qsopcast .obj/channel.o .obj/config.o .obj/playfork.o .obj/loadsave.o .obj/main.o .obj/mainwindow.o .obj/menubar.o .obj/mylabel.o .obj/mystatusbar.o .obj/pageplay.o .obj/record.o .obj/sopfork.o .obj/sound.o .obj/tabwidget.o .obj/timing.o .obj/utils.o .obj/moc_channel.o .obj/moc_config.o .obj/moc_playfork.o .obj/moc_mainwindow.o .obj/moc_menubar.o .obj/moc_pageplay.o .obj/moc_record.o .obj/moc_sopfork.o .obj/moc_sound.o .obj/moc_mytabbar.o .obj/moc_tabwidget.o .obj/moc_timing.o -L/usr/share/qt3/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt-mt -lXext -lX11 -lm -lpthread
    .obj/loadsave.o: In function `LoadSave::saveopenstate()':
    loadsave.cpp.text+0x30): undefined reference to `Channel::updateOpenState()'
    .obj/moc_channel.o.rodata._ZTV7Channel[vtable for Channel]+0x5f8): undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to Channel::~Channel()'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [qsopcast] Error 1

    after trying all these options finally can i hop to run internet tv on my laptop ? please help.

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    Re: can i run sopcast on ubuntu

    I think u can try install sopcast web player on wine. And launch wine browser.


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