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Thread: lsb Linux Standard Base

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    lsb Linux Standard Base

    I had some problems with Acrobat 8 crashing and leaving a process running. In a thread I found suggested to install the lsb package (there are several parts lsb-core lsb-desktop lsb-multimedia etc).

    The package description says:
    The Linux Standard Base ( is a standard
    core system that third-party applications written for Linux can
    depend upon.

    I am curious as to why this is not in ubuntu by default. (It sounds like an idea Ubuntu would be interested in.) I like to keep a stable system, and I'm not sure what the consequence of installing this will be.

    Does anyone have general info about it and also specifically whether it is a good idea to install it?

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    Re: lsb Linux Standard Base

    we need much more awareness of the need to standardise the toolchain and some commonly available libraries
    LSB is one way, and i find it terrible that its not default as you say

    its appalling that, if i want a new version of some particular program, that i cant just download some file from the authors site and execute it.
    the author has to provide 100 different packages, or even the source.

    some people/companies arent happy to give out the source
    their choice should be respected.
    we're not forced to use their software after all.

    some people in the community will tell you that its a security feature that you can just simply run any old binary you find on the net.
    their smoking crack. it just hurts linux.

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    Re: lsb Linux Standard Base

    It looks like it was part of the distrubution during "dapper" release cycle. I don't know why it was dropped. Maybe a dev will supply an answer.


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