i get this message when i enter the code: zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - Driver
Configuration guide

Kernel Configuration

To enable ALSA support you need at least to build the kernel with
primary sound card support (CONFIG_SOUND). Since ALSA can emulate OSS,
you don't have to choose any of the OSS modules.

Enable "OSS API emulation" (CONFIG_SND_OSSEMUL) and both OSS mixer and
PCM supports if you want to run OSS applications with ALSA.

If you want to support the WaveTable functionality on cards such as
SB Live! then you need to enable "Sequencer support"

To make ALSA debug messages more verbose, enable the "Verbose printk"
and "Debug" options. To check for memory leaks, turn on "Debug memory"
too. "Debug detection" will add checks for the detection of cards.