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    Exclamation Latest Hardy Updates

    WWTF??? Who's brain popped out the great idea to insist on pushing out an update to the intel x server? The damn thing still wants another go at me in the update manager!!! What a crappy move... I had to completely re-install a perfectly wonderful hardy system because of that update. Those of us using... say, nvidia gfx hard do not appreciate that at all...
    If the thing was merely available that would be one thing, but the update manager absolutely insists on installing it. ++UNGOOD!!!
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    Re: Latest Hardy Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by interval1066 View Post
    but the update manager absolutely insists on installing it. ++UNGOOD!!!
    Updates are under your control. Personally, I don't use any GNOME tools and do everything through the command line (I use a heavily altered Ubuntu setup)

    If you need technical assistance, please provide some more information. As it is, this is just a rant and not suitable for this forum.


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