Hello all. After years of trying out different distributions for a few days or a few months, I am finally sticking with Linux... that's because I have tried Ubuntu! The support is excellent, it runs like a dream. It's marvelous!

Now I have a general hardware question for everyone. Could anyone tell me a good widescreen LCD display I could find under the following specifications:

1) Works well with Ubuntu or at least theoretically would.
2) 19" or larger.
3) Response time between 6ms to 2ms
4) Brightness at least 300 or above
5) And this is the hard one to tell from browsing websites, has to be glossy for ease of cleaning.

My current LCD display is an old Samsung that still looks great. My only issue with it is that it is difficult to clean because it doesn't have a glossy front. Is that a really OCD thing to fuss about? Yes, but I'd still like to have a good glossy display (preferably one where the screen is flush with it's frame... gah otherwise all the dust seems to collect in those corners) to show off how spectacular this OS is.

It has impressed friends who use XP, friends who use Vista Ultimate, and even friends using OSX are intrigued! I want a nice frame to put this OS in rather than my dumpy old 17" CRT that is getting fuzzy at the edges!

Thanks for your help and any suggestions.