Hi Guys!

I have a major (at least it is to me!) project that involves 6 PCs, a server, wireless networking, the internet and an HTC TyTn2 Pda phone!

It comes from the fact that I am proud of my mp3 and avi collection and I want it stored on a server and accessible from any room in the house as well as in my car from my uber mobile phone. I also intend to start setting up some php/mysql websites off the server.

this pdf http://grossproductions.co.uk/diagram.pdf shows my hardware...

stuff in red I haven't actually bought or upgraded yet (open to advice there...)

I want to run a linux server distro on the server and whatever ubuntu distro best suits the hardware on the other machines. My Bro's powerhouse phenom box is Vista Ultimate and thats the way it will stay (hes a micro$oft fanboy...) all other machines in the house are open to run whatever O/S people tell me to. (media pc is currently windows xp home and I'd like to dual boot it with windows xp home for some games)

I want to run surf control (or similar) internet filtering on the server so as to protect little kids (and bigger ones!) who use the internet on my computers. I'd like to run an exchange style email server too (not so important initially)

I'd like to run a counterstrike server and maybe a few other games servers (they can be done last) on the server so when my mates come round with their wireless PCs/laptops etc we can get gaming immediately rather than waiting 2 years for windows networking wizard to work.

I need to be able to serve music and video files over the network to both linux clients and vista (that would be samba I assume - never have managed to configure that right :s) and streaming over the internet to my mobile (or other people to whom I give a username and password) Ideally I'd like to be able to customise the streaming bitrate so in areas where my mobile doesn't get hsdpa/3.5g I can still get music at a lower bitrate. (my adsl only has 288Kbps up anyway)

As for the linux multimedia clients I'd like a media-centre style media library... not 100% necessary tho.

So the first steps here are for me to get in all the little bits of hardware that I need and start installing operating systems.

Now as the 2 machines for music and video have very limited CPUs I will need a cut down or older version of linux. I'm thinking ubuntu mobile??? cant see where to download that tho.

Would anyone like to help me with my project? I need advise like 'Dude don't buy a geforce fx they dont work with ubuntu, buy a .....' and '192 mb of ram will never be good enough even for ubuntu mobile'

I also need advise on which version of Ubuntu to run on each machine once hardware has been finalized (where to download aswell!)

Assuming it all goes to plan we could make a tutorial out of this...

Thanks for reading!