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Thread: laptop harddrive Load_Cycle_Count issue

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    Re: laptop harddrive Load_Cycle_Count issue

    Quote Originally Posted by ubuntu_demon View Post
    For most disks the default is 128 which is important to have while on battery (protection from bumps,less heat,less power) compared to a higher value.... In most cases it is unwise to use a different value than 128 while on battery.
    In that case Demon, you should confirm the finer points of the SUSE fix you're recommending. They appear to use a setting of 200 while on battery. Perhaps a rewrite with sudo appropriate commands and your recommended battery settings?

    If you do use a setting of 200, as opposed to 128. And you check using Level instead of just Advanced Power Management, then the following strange problem appears with the SUSE fix:

    After resuming from suspend, if you are on AC power, incorrect settings are applied. 128 is applied. If you resume while on battery, the correct settings are applied (e.g., I have battery set to 200, and that is applied to the disk correctly). After resuming from suspend on AC and finding that the wrong settings are applied, everything works as it should regarding power changes. So, if you switch to battery power the correct settings will be applied. And if you switch to battery then AC quickly, the correct AC settings are applied.

    Some people have "confirmed" that settings are not restored after suspend. Can you please confirm that this is only while on AC, and that it works fine resuming from battery. Also, does switching power sources apply the correct settings? Eg., fix it. Remember to use the command I gave above instead of the command on the SUSE page, and you may also need to temporarily change your Battery setting to 200 just to see the difference more clearly. After your "experiment", please remember to restore it to whatever default battery setting you've chosen.

    PS. I'm on one of those cursed machines that mysteriously hang when using laptopmode. So I'm a little more limited in terms of what solutions I can try.

    PPS. I've edited the Suse Fix to save you some work Demon. If you choose to go that way. The only changes are the use of sudo, renaming the script with a sh extension, and setting battery to 128.

    And I tried editing my own configuration file to see if playing with the 255 254 values would help with my resume from suspend problem and it did not.
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