Greetings. I have a thinkpad t61 running Hardy Heron 8.04 and I can't get my hibernation to work correctly.

i realize i'm still a "newb" but so far i've been able to find solutions to all my problems.

what happens is when i select the hibernate option (either by hot key or going into the power options) it seems to go into hibernation but when i try to take it out by pressing keys and nothing happens or pushing the power, an automatic restart.

the problem is that the screen is shifted in the boot menu with a nasty haze of green and red (i think) pixels... force power done and restart and it works fine.

i've seen that an NVIDIA 173.08 (whatever that is) fixed this problem but it's for x86. which i don't have.

so i'm lost ...truth be told, there might not even be a way to fix it at this point... but there's no use asking