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Thread: Screen Frozen after 8.04 Install

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    Angry Screen Frozen after 8.04 Install

    Help! I am being forced to write this with a windows machine!

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 from fiesty fox using the update wizard, everything looked good during the install. After the computer rebooted nothing appears except my desktop background. The mouse does not work, except I can move the cursor and the middle button will spin the desktops "cube" - although they only show the same desktop background. After some time the screen saver turns on. All I can do is hit "ctl-alt-del" and restart, shut down, lock screen, etc. If I log out, and then login with either GNOME or Failsafe GNOME same thing happens. I can get in with Failsafe Terminal, but then it is just a terminal (of course).

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Screen Frozen after 8.04 Install

    I'm having the same problem...I know hardy is buggy, but I would like to use my computer. It looks like I installed something and then it hung. Because my computer remembers what was open last time it was shutdown, it keeps reloading the same apps that caused the problem. Is there anyway to tell gnome to start fresh so that the apps open on last shutdown don't start again?

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