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Thread: PC Won't Boot, Frozen on Intel Logo

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    Re: PC Won't Boot, Frozen on Intel Logo


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    Re: PC Won't Boot, Frozen on Intel Logo

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexMono94 View Post
    I've found the offending compenent, my hard drive. Unplugged it from the motherboard and it booted fine into a Hardy live CD. So I think it's time to get a new hard drive (I was thinking about getting a new one anyway ).

    I should've known considering I just installed Hardy and it took ages to partition the disk.

    Thanks for all the help but is their any possibility their could be a problem with the motherboard where I plug the hard drive in? What are the symptoms of a dead hard drive?

    it probably hangs because your motherboard can't detect drive's type, size and other parameters...

    try waiting more then 5 minutes to see if would skip the drive detection.

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