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Thread: "The specified network name is no longer available"

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    "The specified network name is no longer available"

    We have a file server running Ubuntu Hardy and two workstations connected to it (one running Windows XP and the other Vista). Everything works great, but every once in awhile when a workstation tries to access a file on the server, it will return with this following error, "the specified network name is no longer available". I've only witnessed the XP system doing this.

    This is only for a moment and access to the file is granted several seconds later, but I'd like to know what is causing this and how I might come to fix it.

    The server and the workstations plug into a router via UTP cable.

    If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate anything. Also if you need anymore information please ask.

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    Re: "The specified network name is no longer available"

    I don't like seeing a post go unanswered... I presume the server must be "dropping off the radar" of the XP machine, but couldn't say why. I've forgotten how Windows machines (especially XP machines) keep track of each other.
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