Hey there.

This is my first thread in here, and on the whole linux/ubuntu experience i'm also pretty new as well, though i've been trying to figure this thing out the last couple of months.

Well, my problem right now is that whenever I'm playing any type of videofile or DVD the playback is seriosly lagging. But only periodically. Then there's a 10 second of smooth playback, and then it's back to the lagging.
My computer is an Acer Aspire 5100, and i'm running a 64 bit edition of Ubuntu. (People keep telling me to change this with the 32 bit ed., but it's just to much 'a hassle, when I don't got that portable harddrive) Anyway I hope someone out there's got a sollution, 'cause it's bugging me bad that that all my movies is lagging, you see.

-Winnfield (Denmark)