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Thread: Ubuntu Hardy on Mac: copy/paste & delete forwards

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    Ubuntu Hardy on Mac: copy/paste & delete forwards


    I've just bought a new MacBook and got it triple booting to Mac, Ubuntu (Hardy) and Windows XP. I've managed to get wireless up and working with WPA authentication with my Broadcom BCM4328(rev 2) by following instructions on this page:

    (it was suggested that it can't be done with this wireless card, but mine is working fine)

    I wondered if anyone could help me though with a few annoyances - I can't delete forwards with this keyboard, and copy/paste using select/click both buttons isn't working (well, there's only one mouse button!). Does anyone know how to get these features working on a Mac?

    I'd really appreciate anyone's help!


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    Re: Ubuntu Hardy on Mac: copy/paste & delete forwards

    Shortcuts in ubuntu are similar to windows.

    many are similar to mac but you have to use CTRL instead of COMMAND.

    For deleting files i Think you have to only press backspace without command. Or if you have a real keyboard, you could use the delete-button.

    If ALT + L dosent work for @, try r-ALT + Q..


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