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Thread: Cannot select restricted nvidia drivers

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    Cannot select restricted nvidia drivers

    I updated my acer aspire 1520 laptop to 8.04 recently. Everything went well but the inevitable graphics driver faff.

    I have similar problems to others on the forum. Ubuntu boots in low resolution mode.

    I cannot select the restricted drivers through the system settings, they are not there. I know what to look for as as I have previously done this in ubuntu 7.10.

    I have tried installing the drivers with envy, but still nothing is working.

    What can I do to fix this?

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    Re: Cannot select restricted nvidia drivers

    Try this.
    I do not use Ubuntu any more, nor have I ever used Gnome. Therefore, I tend to give advice that is distro- and DE-agnostic, which, while perhaps not the easiest way, will allow you to move freely between machines.


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